• Eureka Optima.
    An opensource project developed in C++. Several optimization techniques, benchmark functions, and grammars for optimization of complex structures are being implemented.
    Implemented techniques: binary (Gray-coded) and real Genetic Algorithms (GA), Grammatical Evolution (GE), Clonal Selection Algorithm (CLONALG), Grammar-based Immune Programming (GIP), Differential Evolution (DE), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), and Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy (CMA-ES).
    project site
  • Parallel Eureka Optima.
    An extension of the EurekaOptima project for parallel environments.
    project site
  • Adaptive Penalty Method -- APM.
    This project contains implementations (Java, C, C++, ...) of the Adaptive Penalty Method, or shortly APM, proposed by H.J.C. Barbosa and A.C.C. Lemonge in 2003 which is used by evolutionary algorithms when solving constrained optimization problems.
    project site
  • Live without Tobacco.
    An Open-source web based tobacco intervention.
    project site


EPIA 2019
Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Apr 15 -- paper submission

SBPO 2019
Brazilian Symposium on Operations Research
Apr 12 -- paper submission

SBGames 2019
Brazilian Symposium on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment
? -- paper submission