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LNCC wins an international Machine Learning Competition

The international machine learning competition organized by Aspiring Minds was won by the Brazilian team "LNCC", composed by Douglas A. Augusto, Helio J.C. Barbosa, and myself.

The competition attracted more than 760 entries from different countries. The challenge was to infer classifiers to evaluate the performance of individuals and three aspects were considered in the final evaluation: accuracy, interpretability, and methodology. The problem was solved using a high-performance implementation of the genetic programming (GP) technique.

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The last publictations

  • Parallel Genetic Programming on Graphics Processing Units.
    In Genetic Programming. InTech, 2012, p. 95-114.
  • Differential Evolution Assisted by Surrogate Models for Structural Optimization Problems.
    Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology -- ECT, 2012.
  • Multi-Objective Ant Colony Approaches for Structural Optimization Problems.
    Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Structures Technology -- CST, 2012.


Slides of the last presentations

  • Evolução Grammatical e Inferência de Modelos
    II Jornada em Inteligência Computacional.


Some projects being developed

  • Eureka Optima.
    An opensource project developed in C++. Several optimization techniques, benchmark functions, and grammars for optimization of complex structures are being implemented.
  • Adaptive Penalty Method -- APM.
    This project contains implementations (Java, C, C++, ...) of the Adaptive Penalty Method, or shortly APM.


EPIA 2019
Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Apr 15 -- paper submission

SBPO 2019
Brazilian Symposium on Operations Research
Apr 12 -- paper submission

SBGames 2019
Brazilian Symposium on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment
? -- paper submission

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